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Here I am outside The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles standing by the red carpet. I still had a few more hours to kill before show time so I was walking around trying to keep myself occupied.


Soooo, look who I ran into? Yep, that's Beyonce, her sister Solange and their mother, Tina Knowles. It was very hard trying to get a picture of Beyonce. She had so many people and bodyguards around her. I wonder what would happen if I called out her name? 'Hey Beyonce!'"


Hey! Well whadaya know? It worked! She looked right at me and smiled and I quickly took her picture before Solange saw what was happening and immediately jumped in the way to block my view of Beyonce. I noticed that Solange was very protective of Beyonce. You would have thought Solange was the older sibling.


Here I am with the little kids of the video. Monica Parales, Alyson Stoner and Colton Ford. Colton also played the part of the young Prince in Prince's Musicology video. I enjoyed hanging with those 3 kids more than anything else while I was in Cali. They were fun to play with and Colton always wanted me to pick him up and carry him around. I miss those kids.


It was getting close to show time so Missy instructed all of us to get dressed. Missy bought all the dancers matching track suits to wear for this performance only.


Me and Missy taking a picture in her private dressing room right before it was time to go perform.


This picture is behind the scenes on the "Work It" video. The girl on the left was the seamstress. The girl on the right was one of the 2 dancers in the video who were dancing on the pole like strippers. Go look at the video again, you'll see her.


This is me and "Hi-hat," Missy's choreographer on the set of the "Work It" video. We thought it was funny that we both were wearing yellow and white. She was very sweet to work with. She coached me on what she wanted me to do for the AMA performance.


Hi-hat was so tired. I snuck this picture of her while she was sleeping. She had been at the shoot all day long. We put in very long hours. There is a saying in the video-making world which is, "It is mostly 'hurry-up and wait." LOL


My call time was 8pm. We didn't actually get around to shooting my segment until around 2:30am.


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